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Hey I'm Hunter and I make art and I hope to be big on newgrounds oh and I don't deal with bullcrap

Age 25

i'm a gamer



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That's a thing called Ban-Evasion.

Normally, I'd look the other way, but he's now immediately harassing artists again.
It'd be one thing if he just made a new account and stuck to himself, but if he's attacking my artist friends again already, I will make sure he will be banned again.

I dont want him to get blammed again but i don't want him to harass every artist

@Evifire @Tankboi345

Then you should probably get him to make his latest review 2.5 stars, delete it and leave DreamEclipseWolf alone forever, including everyone else that he harassed before.

If he wants a new start, he'll be granted one if he tries to change himself. Otherwise, he will just be blammed again. I'm pretty sure this might be IP-Ban worthy as well.

He says he is trying to make newgrounds a good place but nsfw has been on here since 1999


Newgrounds is already a good place, a place where people can make anything they want, provided they don't attack others.
It sounds like to me he just wants attention, he doesn't really care for Newgrounds if he is trying to change it.

Either he tries to change HIMSELF, or he'll never be on Newgrounds again.

I know and it's my fault I told him about newgrounds and then I told him he got banned :-(


In the end, it's not your fault that this is happening. You weren't the one to tell him to go and start harassing people because of art he didn't like. Even if you were involved at first, you grew up and moved on.
The blame is his, not yours.

Nobody told him to harass others, nobody told him to give death-threats, nobody told him to make a new account and start harassing people again.

Ok I'm still working on trying to get him to turn on a filter

Well thats bad

Evilfire is right, this is not your fault. You didn't force him to do these, you even told him to stop. His own actions got him in trouble in the first place. He isn't trying to make Newgrounds a better place, he is just being a toxic user in the art community.

If he does the same thing with his new account, then the same thing will just happen again and get banned. It's also possible that his account would be terminated due to ban evasion.

It's okay to dislike certain things, everyone has their preferences. But to attack other artists because you do not like their content is just toxic and isn't welcome here.

Yeah I realized that what I was doing was wrong animehater said that he was mad i wasn't hating porn anymore.

And his new account got blammed too lol

I know